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02. 22. 2018




IP Tools is a powerful network toolkit for speed up and setup networks. It allows quick detecting any computer network problems, ip address detection and boosting network performance. This is a must-have app for IT specialists and network administrators.

The app combines the most popular network utilities usually found in desktop PC. They will help you fix a network problem easily or optimize the network when you are hundreds of kilometers away (i.e. not at work :-))

IP Tools has a simple, intuitive interface, so you can receive within seconds full information on your network, find out internal or external IP (with "My ip" feature), SSID, BSSID, broadcast address, gateway, network mask, country, region, city, the provider\342\200\231s geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude), whois and other basic information.

The IP Tools app provides access to the most popular network utilities that administrators and users often use on their computers.

\342\200\242 Ping
\342\200\242 LAN Scanner
\342\200\242 Port Scanner
\342\200\242 DNS Lookup
\342\200\242 Whois - Provides information about a website and its owner
\342\200\242 Router Setup Page
\342\200\242 Traceroute
\342\200\242 WiFi Analyzer
\342\200\242 IP address with "My ip" feature
\342\200\242 Connection Log
\342\200\242 IP Calculator
\342\200\242 IP & Host Converter
\342\200\242 And much more...

WiFi analyzer will help you get full and clear picture of your network state. With IP Tools, analysis and optimization are fast, easy and absolutely friendly. The app is improved continuously. Its developers allow for customer opinions and modify the product offering new, more functional and handy versions.
The app\342\200\231s benefits go far beyond the above list. However, even those mentioned are enough to dismiss doubts, download the IP Tools network utilities to your smartphone and assess advantages from using them right now.

Warning: Permission ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION ONLY FOR WiFi network Analyzer. It's Android OS requirement.