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06. 03. 2016




4.1 and up
10 Minute Relax is here to help you relax your mind with peaceful recordings, if you had a bad day, or have trouble sleeping. This is the first app using a wonderful mixing algorithm that lets you choose which sounds you want to hear. After 10 minutes of this musical therapy you will be fresher then ever !

Amazing Surround Sound will help you dive into a good relaxation.

All you have to do is:

1. Get the app
2. Get your headphone
3. Lay or sit comfortable
4. Relax or just fall asleep

+ Surround Sound

+ Professionally recorded sounds

+ The app will continue working if you lock your screen

+ Doesn't require internet connection !

+ The design is very simple and intuitive, for user friendly experience.

+ The app doesn't just play different sounds. It smartly combines them, letting you choose which parts you would like to hear.

+ It helps you get over awful days, get the tension out or if you just have trouble sleeping.

+ Greate design

You will fall inlove with this app ! OR fall asleep with it !

*Use the slideing bar to switch between sounds