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05. 12. 2016




4.0 and up
MP3 Tagger! is a tag editor for MP3 files (ID3 tag metadata format).

This tags store metadata information such as the title, artist, album, track number, and other information in the audio file itself.

The App can both access local files (stored in your device's internal memory) and remote files (stored in you NAS, CIFS, SMB, Samba servers or in your Windows PC as shared files).

It can access the most usual ID3 tags. Stay tuned to updates to support further advanced tags.

1. Create a music repository (local directories or remote file shares where you store your music files), clicking on the "+" sign. You can later edit it by long-clicking on its name.
2. Click on a repository name to navigate to the music file you want to edit.
3. Click on a music file to read its metadata information (if available). Edit that metadata and save it.

NOTE: The original music file (mp3) will be also saved with a bak extension.