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Stupid Quest

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Crazy Frie




06. 16. 2017




4.0 and up
The creators of Stupid Quest invite you to live the stupidest story you have ever experienced.

Let yourself be guided by a pretty weird gamemaster, in an adventure whose big and stupid decisions are up to you.
For the first time (or the second, there's no need to quibble!) in the history of video games, the story changes whether you play a girl or a boy.

Stupid Quest has a free demo version to test it calmly, and a full pay version without any advertising, nor inApp purchase, no account to create, it's total freedom... FREEEEEDOM!!!

No physical ability is required, you only have to be able to read and touch a screen with your finger (or with your tongue if you're weird).
No network connection is required (except to download the game, eh).

- Play a boy, drink strong beer and rescue a princess in an adventure full of testosterone and humour.
- Or play a girl, drink fruity beer and rescue a prince in an adventure full of œstrogen and humour.
- It's perfect to pass the time in the loo or during a meeting.
- Not suitable for pets (our fish got stuck at the first screen).

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