[Substratum] Coalesce (beta)

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Published by:

Josh Rhame




08. 03. 2016




5.0 and up
Coalesce works on:

- OMS ROMs (custom Marshmallow ROMs with oms3 commits)

- Legacy ROMs (custom AOSP Marshmallow ROMs and Nexus stock Marshmallow/N preview)

Theme will not work on CMTE ROMs

You must also be fully rooted and have the Substratum app installed ( get it here: )

- 44 different colors to choose from.
- Colors for Primary Accent Color, Secondary Accent Color and Settings Title Color.
- Dark, Black Light or Primary Color framework.
- Dark, Black or Light settings.
- Dark, Black or Light quick settings.
- Custom icons in settings.
- Optional Navbar icons
- Settings options are, Black, Dark or Light. No Cards. Overlapping Cards. Square or Round Cards.
- Tweaked spinners, dialogs, and switches.
- Toast changes to the Primary Accent Color you pick.

Settings Icons made by Rami McMin from Flaticon is licensed byCC BY 3.0.

Most apps will remain with their stock look with just Primary and Secondary Accent colors changing to the ones you pick. Dark versions of apps will be added as long as it's not too buggy. NOTIFICATIONS WILL REMAIN LIGHT!

Feel free to request a new color. But please note that the color will have both dark and light text on it. So the color can't be too dark or to light.

If you discover any bugs please let me know here:

* indicates Theme Ready GAPPS are needed for the Black or Dark version. You can get the them here.

• CellBroadcastReciever (Black, Dark and Light)
• AOSP Calculator/Google Calculator
• AOSP Clock
• AOSP Contacts (Black, Dark and Light)
• AOSP Dialer (Black, Dark and Light)
• AOSP Package Installer
• AOSP Keyboard (Black, Dark and Light)
• AOSP Messenger (Black, Dark and Light)
• Chrome
• Chrome Beta
• Documents
• Drive (Black, Dark and Light)
• ElementalX Kernel Manager
• Framework
• Gmail (Black*, Dark* and Light)
• Google Camera
• Google Clock
• Google Contacts (Black*, Dark* and Light)
• Google Dialer (Black, Dark and Light)
• Google Keyboard (Black, Dark and Light)
• Google Messenger Black, (Dark and Light)
• Google Music Black, (Dark and Light)
• Google Now (Black, Dark and Light)
• Google Package Installer
• Google Photos
• Google Play Store (Black, Dark and Light)
• Google Plus (Black*, Dark* and Light)
• Hangouts (Black*, Dark* and Light)
• Inbox
• Keep
• Kernel Adiutor
• Join
• LockClock
• MS Outlook
• MultiRom
• Navbar
• Nova Launcher
• OmaDmClient (Black, Dark and Light)
• Phone Settings Black, (Dark and Light)
• Root Explorer
• SuperSU (Black, Dark and Light)
• System Settings
• SystemUI (Black, Dark and Light)
• Telecom (Black, Dark and Light)
• WhatsApp
• YouTube
• Viper4Android (Black, Dark and Light)
• XDA Labs