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Christopher Martell X - CMX




09. 18. 2016




4.4 and up
*****Please read everything carefully before downloading *****

Please make sure to acquire KLWP PRO before downloading this theme.

Kustom (KLWP) PRO
Nova Launcher is recommended but most Launcher should work


Nova Settings:

Just 1 Screen (Page)

No Dock

Look and feel...
Show notification Bar:ON/OFF (personal choice)
Transparent Notification Bar: ON


Once Installed… Open Kustom → Load Preset → Installed → Tap on the Theme → Hit the save button → Ok to Set as Wallpaper/Set Wallpaper and go back to the Homescreen

Please note that the theme is locked and export has been disabled.
Check here for more info:

All set!

There is a Switch in the Globals to get rid of all the buttons on the dock but the app drawer, in case you want to use your own icons.

For phones without soft keys/navigation bar:
There is a switch in the global to lower the dock so it looks better.

For deeper personalization:

Color - Check the GLOBALS section in the root layer and you'll see that most of the Theme has been globalized. Just change it to whatever you want and save changes. Reload the theme to revert original color

Font - It has been globalized as well - Keep in mind that not all the fonts will fit since they are tailored differently.

There are 2 Player options in the music section originally connected to Spotify, Google Play Music, you can change the text of this 2 buttons in the Globals section and the app in the shortcuts section.

Also in the Globals section, you will find the option to change the RSS source.

Now it's easier than ever to change what opens what in the Shortcuts section in the Root layer. In the Globals section, you can also change the text of the 2 bottom/left app shortcuts.

If you want to add Auto close times to the hubs - Go to the Globals section - scroll down - put a check mark on either one of the switches - tap the top pencil icon (Edit) - Auto off - Change it to Manual and add seconds.

Note: Depending on your screen size you may need to scale the theme by opening KLWP - in the root layer go to "LAYER" - scale it using the - and +, do not use the double arrows. And also depending on the screen size and scaling things may look a bit different than the screenshots.

Special Thanks to Christopher Roger for the Calendar and Bill Surowiecki for the Media Icons, David Pitoko, Erguillermin for some other elements.

DO NOT use the rating/review for troubleshooting. Please contact me with any questions/issues before leaving a negative rating, I should be able to get in contact through my email (below), Hangouts or G+