Poké Effect for Pokémon GO

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Christoffer Niska




07. 25. 2016




4.1 and up
Poké Effect is a utility app for Pokémon GO that shows you which Pokémon are strong and which are weak against each Pokémon.

Are you enjoying Pokémon GO but struggling to win fights at the gyms? If yes, then this app is for you, because can help you win those fights. In Pokémon GO every type of Pokémon (e.g. Fire, Water and Grass) is more, equally or less efficient against the other types. For example Water is more efficient against Fire, while Fire is less effective against Water. There are 18 different types in Pokémon GO and each Pokémon can have up to two different types. It is obvious that it is pretty hard to remember all the combinations, with Poké Effect you do not have to, because it calculates everything for you.

Using Poké Effect is really easy, simply scroll down the list of Pokémon or search for a Pokémon by its name. Once you find the Pokémon you were looking for press its name to view its details. In the details you can see that Pokémon's type or types and two lists, one with Pokémon that are weak against that Pokémon and one with Pokémon that are strong against it.