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04. 13. 2016




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Healthy babies, happy families.

Welcome to CHEEKOO baby care app! We’re here to help moms and dads raise happy, healthy and wise kids—and have A LOT of fun along the way. 

We are like a pocket pediatrician tool, which monitors your baby’s development closely while you cherish their special moments. An intuitive app, Cheekoo provides you with an extensive library of medically sound content that helps you track your baby’s growth measurements, breast feeding, bottle feeding, medication, diaper changes, sleeping times, all while you track every moment and never miss a step (particularly that first one)!

We understand that parents face numerous issues while raising their kids. Hence, to answer your questions, address your concerns, advocate your queries, and celebrate the joys of this unique lifestyle; we at Cheekoo are your quick access to trusted baby health and wellness information. The information entered here will also be useful to your child’s pediatrician for tracking purposes.

Cheekoo app has the following features:

 Tracks your baby’s activities and on schedule 24*7.

 Easy-to-use timer and notifications.

 Useful articles and babycare tips

 Interesting recipes to make food fun for your loved ones

 Detailed and useful information on your nursing progress: cumulative totals, statistics, graphs and notifications to help you ease the upbringing process of your child.

 You can store the name and contact details of your baby’s doctor chemist and grocery to call them at the time of emergencies.

 Cheekoo allows you to add your Nanny or Baby Sitter to use the same app while you control & monitor the baby even when you are away from home

 Simple and clean interface.

In order for you to understand your child’s needs and satisfy them more efficiently, the app has following sections:

 Nanny/Babysitter/Grand Parents app – You can monitor your nanny or babysitter while being away from home. The alerts you set for yourself, can be delivered to your Nanny automatically so that she does all required things on time for your little one. The same feature can be handy for the Grandparents in your absence.

 Feeding alerts - Timers for breast feeding, bottle feeding. We also send reminders to alert you when the next feeding and pumping is due. Apart from this, we also track bottle feedings for your baby - formula, breast milk, juices, or anything else you want to track.

 Growth - Track your baby's measurements by following up on his/her height and weight chart. If you regularly enter your baby’s height and weight, Cheekoo automatically draws a growth graph and let’s you keep track of your baby’s growth in a highly comprehensively and uncomplicated way.

 Medication - You can add medications administered to your child and the app will remind you in time for the next dose. You can also save a history of past prescriptions recommended by your doctor for future use.

 Vaccination – From birth to 6 years of age never miss a vaccination schedule ever! See a list of recommended vaccinations for your baby, and track all vaccinations your baby has already received.

 Travel Checklist – Don’t miss on any of the baby essentials while travelling. Key in your mode of transport, destination, duration of transit and travel date and we will guide you with a list of things you must carry. From the amount of diapers, pads to put under your baby during diaper changes, plastic bags for soiled diapers, clothes and blankets, to diaper rash cream, wipes and small bottles of disinfecting hand gels, and baby lotion, our intelligent query will share the exact number of things you should be carrying with you on your journey.

If you are not satisfied with something, do send us your valuable comments and suggestions to [email protected]. Together we can make this app even better.

Wishing you a happy parenting!