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Charmeleo Design




03. 25. 2016




4.0 and up
The Most Anticipated Icon pack in 2015

Number one of Best Icon Pack on November 2015 via Phonearena

Awarded as Best Icon Pack in 2015 via Talkandroid

Squarrel is squircle-shaped icon pack with Nature tone color that places itself right in the middle of IOS skeuomorphism, Google material design and flat design. It is bold that Squarrel really breaks the rule by ignoring the borders between each design styles to make something new people worth to have.

Like the nature does to us, Squarrel was designed to give a constant relaxing and calm visual in every single quality moment when people use their phones.

Squarrel apply the mix of IOS skeuomorphism, Google material design, and flat design to one solid, unique, and constant design standard. Squarrel has different treatments for each app. Plus, Squarrel has its special color pallete extracted by the essence colors of the nature photographs.

We provide google material design dashboard app that suits your android devices to give you our best features in most simple way.

Design standard, the quality, the concept of mixing Google material design, flat design, and IOS skeuomorphism, and the back story of Squarrel, You can see the whole story here :

You can get :
1. 1500+ icons inspired by Nature colors
2. HD icons (XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px)
3. Full vector-based icons
4. Icon request Feature
5. Smart masking for unthemed Icons
6. Support dynamic calendar apps for Google, Today, Sunrise, and more
7. Help section, contains FAQs with search function
8. Google material design, IOS skeuomorphism, and flat design at once
9. Potrait Wallpapers
10. Icon view to search your favorite app icons
11. folder icons, folder platforms, folder background, dock background.
12. 100 b&w alternative icons
13. Appdrawer alternatives
14. Many more you can figure out yourself!

Support 22 major Launchers:
1. Action
2. ADW
3. Apex
4. Atom
5. Aviate
6. Epic
7. GO
8. Holo
9. Holo HD
10. Inspire
11. KK
12. Mini
13. Nova
14. Smart
15. Solo
16. S
17. Nemus
18. Next
19. Nine
20. L
21. LG
22. Lucid
And some of the rest can be applied with manual apply.

1. GO Launcher doesn't support Icon Masking, so go to preferences > Icons > TICK OFF "show icon base".
2. If you're not satisfied with the icons, or your favorite apps aren't well themed just email me or give us a feedback on our community you can access the link inside the app.

Special Thanks:
- Dani Mahardika for the dashboard template we modified. Find him here
- Aniket Khandekar for supporting us
- Eduard Vhorec for reviews
- Jesse Manning, Ekky Pramana, Ben Rossington, Robin Verhage, Patti Bills, and all of our dearest members in Charmeleo community

Thank you!