Casual Arcade Vol. 1

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Published by:

Inexorable Games LLC




07. 29. 2016




2.3 and up
One package to meet your casual gaming needs! Enough content to keep you busy hours on end or for just the next 5 minutes. Accessible to all ages and great for parents. Just start up Kids' Mode and it is endless fun without being able to leave the screen, so hand your phone to your child with some confidence. Maybe you like to shoot for top leaderboard spots to show the world your gaming prowess, well Challenge Mode has got you covered for that.

Feature List:
- Supported Languages: English, German, Korean, and Thai
- 4 Different Games: Target Shooting, Match N Drop, Brick Buster, and Puzzle Pieces
- 3 Different Modes Per Game: Classic, Challenge, and Kids'
- 10 Achievements Per Game (These are in game and Google Play Achievements)
- 5 Bonuses Per Game
- Stat for all except Kids' Modes
- Online leaderboards
- Original Music
- 3 User Game Slots
- Vibration