Smurfs' Village

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10. 11. 2016




4.1 and up
Build and design a new village for the Smurfs to call home!

Gargamel is brewing up trouble once again, and the Smurfs will need your help to foil his plans. Create your own spectacular Smurfs’ Village from scratch, starting from your very first Smurf Hut. Add homes for all your favorite Smurf characters from the classic television cartoon and the comics. Grow and harvest crops to earn cash you can spend on smurfy creatures, huts, and decorations for your village. Choose from hundreds of super-smurfy items to build a village that’s truly one of a kind. Visit your friends’ villages and trade daily gifts. With five unique lands to explore, the possibilities are endless.

- Build and design your own Smurfs’ Village from the ground up
- Choose from hundreds of colorful plants, animals, props, huts and decorations to make your village one of a kind!
- Travel to and build in five unique lands: the main village, island, mountain, Swoof planet, and the new Grove
- Earn or purchase Smurfberries you can use to speed up crops, retry mini games, or build Smurf huts instantly!
- Master your smurfy skills playing dozens of mini games and bonus events
- Connect with friends and trade gifts through Facebook and Game Center or
play offline, anytime, anywhere
New This Update - Boo ‘Till You’re Blue!
-Invite Sorcerer Smurf to make magical mischief in your Village!
-Make more room in the Main Village with a new premium expansion!
-Look for Gargamel and the Treasure Hunter Imp in The Game Master’s Mega Mystery Boxes!
-Build the new Pumpkin House Smurfy Wonder!
-Add spooky, smurfy new black paint to all village areas.
-Scare up smurfy fun with new and classic Halloween themed items and decorations!

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