Swift Style CM12 & CM13 Theme

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Per Lycke




06. 26. 2016




5.0 and up
Improve the look of your device with this beautiful and clean dark cm theme. Swift Style supports the CM12 / CM12.1 / CM13 / COS theme engine and is more than an app, it comes with great service and frequent updates.

Themed apps

• AOSP Browser
• AOSP Keyboard
• Boxer Email
• CM File Manager
• Calculator
• Chrome
• Contacts
• Cyanogen OS Dialer
• Dialer
• Documents/Downloads
• Email (AOSP Email)
• Facebook
• Gmail
• Google Authenticator, Now, Dialer, Drive, Keyboard, Music, Photos, Plus, and Translator
• GroupMe
• Hangouts
• Inbox
• Instagram
• Keep
• Kik Messenger
• Kindle
• Music
• Nova Launcher
• Pandora Radio
• Root Explorer
• Settings
• Skype
• Slack
• Snapchat
• System UI
• Tumblr
• TVShow Time
• Viber
• WhatsApp
• YouTube
...and more

Special thanks for the wallpaper to Folkert Gorter.

FAQ - Read this if you are having trouble with the theme

Question:There are issues with my notifications after updating the theme, for exemple dark text on a dark background, or a light text on a light background.
Answer:A reboot will fix this. Sometimes resources get "stuck" when switching themes. Like the notification text color in this case. By rebooting you force the system to reload all resources. This is a theme engine bug, not a theme one.

Question:Play Store is not themed after updating the theme.
Answer:This is due to Play Store having trouble picking up the theme resources after an update. A reboot will fix this.

Question:Can you theme Telegram?
Answer:No. Telegram colors are all set in the java code, which means they are hardcoded and can't be changed.

Important notice about ROM support

The theme fully supports CM and COS12.1 ( Cyanogen OS ). Custom ROMs with the CyanogenMod theme engine included, for exemple Dirty Unicorns and Resurrection Remix, are supported but there might be issues as I can't keep track of all commits everywhere.


If you want to chat about the theme, if you find some missing resources, or if you want to share something else, join the Google+ community at

Don't hesitate to contact me at[email protected]if you have questions or feature requests.