Swift Dark Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme

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Per Lycke & Davide Lilli




09. 16. 2017


Varies with device


Varies with device
Swift Dark Substratum theme includes:

• Dark OnePlus 5 theme( also for 3/3T )Extra: Native OxygenOS theme accent changer support!
• Dark Samsung theme( fully fledged Samsung S8 Theme )Extra: give your Samsung S8 a stock Android look!
• Dark Andromeda theme
• Dark Nexus theme
• Dark Pixel theme
• Dark OMS & Android 8 ( Oreo ) theme
• Dark LineageOS theme
+ much more. See the FAQ for the full list of supported Substratum theme systems & features

Instructions and important information:

APPLY THEME WITH THIS APP (Substratum theme engine app):

SAMSUNG THEME NOTICE:You need a Samsung theme plugin (paid) for the theme to work on Samsung devices. You'll be noticed about it when you launch the Substratum app on your Samsung device.

ANDROMEDA THEME NOTICE:The black Andromeda theme needs a separate, paid, plugin to work. You'll be noticed about it when you launch the Substratum app on your Andromeda theme supported device. The Andromeda theme engine makes it possible to apply the theme on a rootless Oreo device.

ANDROID O NOTICEYou must reboot your device after installing or updating overlays on Android Oreo! This is required for the system to update the apps. Also, don’t apply all overlays at once, or it will cause issues. Apply 5 at a time.

ONEPLUS THEME NOTICE:You need root for the OnePlus theme (OxygenOS theme) to work. Google‘OnePlus root +yourdevice’

NEED HELP?It's very complicated for us to support all different systems, and if you need help please contact us on Telegram or by email and we will help you personally based on what system you are using.PLEASEdo not report bugs in the review system as it's much easier for us to help you by chat or email.

• Support channel (Telegram):
• FAQ:
• Email:[email protected]

APP ISSUES?Reapply the theme for that app and reboot.

WHAT IS NEEDEDfor the theme to work? You need the Substratum theme app! And your ROM must support Substratum. You need to look this up yourself by reading the FAQ, searching the web etc. ROOT might be needed for your specific ROM. The Samsung theme plugin, which is paid, is needed for Samsung devices, and the Andromeda plugin, also paid, is needed for the Andromeda theme engine.

IF THE THEME DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU:We offer a refund to everyone who downloaded the theme but cannot use it, just email us your order number.

THEMED APPS (list is longer, space not enough to list all)

Google Apps

• Allo
• Assistant
• Authenticator
• Calendar
• Chrome
• Dialer
• Docs
• Drive
• Gmail
• Hangouts
• Home
• Inbox
• Keep
• Keyboard
• Maps
• Messenger
• Music
• News & Weather
• Now
• Plus
• Translate
• Voice
• YouTube

Samsung apps

• Settings ( optional AOSP style )
• SystemUI Quick Settings ( optional AOSP style )
• Contacts
• Email
• Messaging

Third Party / AOSP / Other Apps

• AOSP Browser
• AOSP Calendar
• AOSP Keyboard
• Calculator
• Contacts
• Dialer
• Discord
• Documents
• Dropbox
• Email (AOSP)
• ES File Explorer
• Facebook Messenger
• FB Messenger Lite
• Firefox
• Greenify
• Instagram
• Jio4G Voice
• JuiceSSH
• Kik
• Launcher3
• Magisk
• Nova Launcher
• Omni
• OneFootball
• OnePlus Music
• Outlook
• Pushbullet
• Settings
• Slack
• SuperSU
• System UI
• Twitch
• Viber
• WhatsApp
• XDA Feed & Labs
...and more