Swift Black Substratum Theme

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Per Lycke




07. 31. 2016




Varies with device
Important information:If you are experiencing issues installing the overlays, for exempel nothing is themed after an installation, you need to follow these instructions: Delete your system/vendor/overlay folder ( and vendor/overlay folder if it exists) and reboot. Now install the overlays again and reboot afterwords. Theme should work after this procedure.

Swift Black now has Substratum theme support!! You do not use Layers Manager app to install the theme anymore! From now on you will use Substratum Theme Engine app. Layers Manager app will no longer be supported by me or the devs. Substratum is the future and comes with many more features. If you still are on a Layers Theme ROM which doesn't support Substratum as of yet you can still install this theme with the new Substratum Theme Engine app.

Substratum Theme Engine app (Use this app to apply the theme):

Substratum Google+ community (for questions about Substratum):

Swift Themes Google+ community (for questions about the theme):

Swift Black is a theme for ROM's with Substratum support (Layers Theme support is deprecated), with constant support and frequent updates. It takes what's best with the beautiful Android design and turns it black. If you prefer a black theme with the material design and primary colors intact, and with an elegant and stylish touch, this theme is for you.

Important Notice

This is not for CM based roms, only rom's with Substratum theme support. Your device needs to be rooted and to apply the theme you should use the Substratum theme engine app.

Themed Apps

• AOSP Keyboard
• Boxer Email
• Calculator
• Chrome
• Chrome Beta
• Chrome Dev
• Contacts
• ES File Explorer
• Dialer
• Documents/Downloads
• Gmail
• Google App
• Google Authenticator
• Google Dialer
• Google Drive
• Google Keyboard
• Google Messenger
• Google Music
• Google Photos
• Google Plus
• GroupMe
• Hangouts
• JuiceSSH
• Layers Manager
• Nova Launcher
• Pushbullet
• Settings
• Slack
• SuperSU
• System UI
• WhatsApp
...and more


Don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you have questions or feature requests.