Swift for Samsung - Dark & Black Substratum Theme

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Per Lycke & Davide Lilli




10. 29. 2017




7.0 and up
This is Samsung special edition Swift Dark & Black Substratum Theme. All in one package and more than 100 apps included. Select between regular or AOSP styled Samsung settings and SystemUI icons for your Samsung S8\S8+!

NEWS! Apparently Play Store 8.3.72 will only be themed if you use English as device language. We don't know why but are investigating it.

What you will find inside of this theme:

• All Black or Dark look with stock icons for Samsung S8\S8+
• All Black or Dark look with AOSP icons for Samsung S8\S8+
• All Black or Dark look for other Samsung Nougat devices (no system apps!)

Please note that using a native Samsung theme at the same time as this theme might cause issues. I would recommend using this theme alone.


ATTENTION!If an app is crashing, you need to reinstall the overlay for that app and reboot. Why? An overlay from the theme, with all the new dark colors, is applied on top of the app. When you update an app from Play Store, the overlay won't be on top anymore. When you reinstall the overlay you will make sure it gets applied on top again and everything will run smoothly.

• You need the paid Samsung Substratum theme plugin to use Substratum on a Samsung stock device:

• You then of course need the Substratum theme engine app itself to apply the theme:

• Notifications will be white due to limitations in Samsung code!

• Samsung devices different than the S8 should use the "Others" variant!

• Always remove all overlays before performing a System update to avoid any critical issue!

NEED HELP?A Substratum theme is a huge thing, and every device and setup work differently. Have a read of our FAQs, then please come to the Telegram group or email us - it's the best way to help you!

• Support channel (Telegram):
• FAQ:
• Email:[email protected]

PLEASEdo not report bugs in the review system. We will help each one of you if you ask in the Telegram group or email us. Reporting an issue in a review, and expecting us to fix it, won’t help. We need to be able to ask questions about ROM, app version etc.

APP ISSUES?Reapply the theme for that app and reboot before reporting anything!

IF THE THEME DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU:We offer a refund to everyone who downloaded the theme but cannot use it, just email us your order number.

THEMED APPS (list is longer, space not enough to list all)

Google Apps

• Allo
• Assistant
• Authenticator
• Calendar
• Chrome
• Dialer
• Docs
• Drive
• Gmail
• Hangouts
• Home
• Inbox
• Keep
• Keyboard
• Maps
• Messenger
• Music
• News & Weather
• Now
• Plus
• Translate
• Voice
• YouTube

Samsung apps for the S8

• Settings (+ optional AOSP style)
• SystemUI Quick Settings (+ optional AOSP style)
• Contacts
• Email
• Messaging

Third Party / AOSP / Other Apps

• AOSP Browser
• AOSP Calendar
• AOSP Keyboard
• Calculator
• Contacts
• Cricbuzz
• Dialer
• Documents
• Dropbox
• Email (AOSP)
• Facebook Messenger
• FB Messenger Lite
• Firefox
• Greenify
• GroupMe
• Instagram
• Italian Train Table
• Jio4G Voice
• JuiceSSH
• Kik
• Launcher3
• Magisk
• Nova Launcher
• Omni
• OneFootball
• OnePlus Music
• Outlook
• Pushbullet
• Series Guide
• Settings
• Slack
• SuperSU
• System UI
• Twitch
• Viber
• WhatsApp
• XDA Feed & Labs
...and more