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Damian Mazurkiewicz




01. 03. 2018




5.0 and up
Level up yourfitness and strength,gain flexibilityand learn more aboutcalisthenics.
Make a healthy change in your life by becoming more active, aware and motivated.
Exercises are presented in an easy and simple way to understand.

Choose exercisesrelevant to your fitness level in the given sections. You can choose progression difficulty for some exercises.
Log your workouts- save number of sets, weight and time for each exercise (you choose what to log).
Timer- automatically saves your progress to the workout log.
Watch full videosfor each exercise.
Switch routines- choose betweenBodyweight Fitness (Recommended Routine)andMolding Mobility (Flexibility Routine).
Workout Log- track your progress with beautiful graphs and statistics.
Use dashboardto explore the whole routine tree.
Exportyour workout log as a CSV file.

No extra permissions required.
No network connection required, all videos are available offline as high quality MP4 videos.