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Published by:

BlueRiver Interactive




07. 28. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Are you a fan of puzzle games? Then you will love WordsUp™!

Look for the hidden words, slide your finger over them and make the puzzle collapse one after another. When you solve all words in the correct order you can complete the puzzle. At first it’s easy but it gets difficult very quickly.

The game has over 500+ levels and has been translated in many languages! It is a tough challenge to solve all levels, only very few players did yet!
Are you ready for the challenge?

Try it out! This game will entertain you for a long time!


Pro Tip:
ALL LEVELS ARE SOLVABLE! Sometimes you may get stuck and it seems impossible to solve a level. THIS IS NOT A BUG but part of the challenge of WordsUp! You need to carefully solve the puzzle in the correct order, by using the right letters for each word. You may have chosen the wrong letter for a word and end up not being able to solve the remaining words. Just RESTART the level and try a different order to solve the puzzle! You will see that there is a solution to every level!


This is a game for true puzzle lovers!
Get smarter while having fun!