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01. 11. 2015




3.0 and up
You may be suspicious that somebody uses your internet over your WiFi without your permission, or your internet bill is too high and you think someone hacked your WiFi.
Wifi Cop helps you be insured that no one can use your WiFi without you being informed.
Wifi Cop employs computer network techniques to detect devices connected to your Wifi router.
To find devices, use the "Network Scan" button. A list of connected devices along with their manufacturer is displayed. Some devices need more than one scan to be found.
You need to identify these devices. You have two options. You can enable "Identify Mode", then browse the address displayed in "Identify" tab from that device (using any web browser), choose a name and enter the password.
If you already know the device, you may tap on the device name in the list and save it as a known one.
Now you have identified connected devices.
If any new device connects to your Wifi, WifiCop searches it in its database. If unknown, it alarms and you can either identify it or be suspicious that there is an intruder and do further actions.
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