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06. 30. 2016




4.1 and up
**Fluent battle system with your finger tap easily to release great magic and skills in time and defeat the monsters! Newest anime style of real-battle role playing game!**

Interacting with your cuties and meeting with the fates during the tour like one of the good RPG games by gone days, and enjoy the infinite adventuring in Cutie Clash!

Team VS could lead the players to realize the link and cooperation between cuties and players and reach the top place. Come on and set up your cuties team to clash the enemy together!


>>❤Summon Cutest Heroes❤

Over 100 cute heroes to summon and collect, each hero has her unique battle skills, also collectible gold cute heroes have 4 strong skills and the ultimate skills will be unlocked when you interact with them and reach 100% intimacy! Form the best tactics to defeat enemy and achieve the highest glory.

>>❤ Customized Story Line ❤
Different option will lead into a different story line and a cutie, most of cute heroes would be invited by other cute heroes you already have and 3 different classes of cute heroes will be invited by your choice. They are warriors and assassins and magicians, go explore your own destiny!

>>❤ Creative Battle Tactics ❤
Thousands of battle skills for you to pick and unleash in the battle, the timing and strategy really matters! Not only heroes have the skills but also your wing, endless fun to create your own combination of battle tactics.

>>❤ Challenging Quests with Friends ❤
Over 20 chapters and 400 stages and 100+ sky tower floors for you to challenge, also epic legion battles that allow for 10 legions of up to 20 players each to fight it out in real time!

Cutie Clash is Free to play. (Items are available for purchase in the game.) Also, you must be at least 18 years of age to play and download Cutie Clash.
A network connection is required and a Wi-Fi is recommended for the better game experience.
Under certain conditions, the game may fail to run smoothly. If you experience force-closing, rebooting your device, please contact us via Email.

Are you having a problem? Email to [email protected] or contact us in the game by going to Menu > System > Support

Android Mobile and Tablets OS Versions above 4.1 Jelly Bean
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