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04. 15. 2016




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Periodic Table & Solubility Chart

Now you can share Periodic Table image with your friends. Periodic table provides students very useful information. This wonderful and unique application brings key information to your fingertips .The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of 118 chemical elements, ordered by their atomic number.

In solubility chart you can view the solubility data of many salts.

* Now zoom your periodic table without distortion
* Share high resolution Periodic Table image
* Tap on the elements to view its all properties like Reactivity, Atomic and physical properties
* Properties of 118 elements of periodic table
* Electron configuration view of all elements
* Colourful category listing of elements
* Images of elements with description and zoom functionality
* See elements in their natural state and real life application
* Sort elements by atomic number and categories like Non metals, Alkali metals, noble gases etc.
* Properties of all categories like Non metals, Alkali metals, Transition metals, noble gases etc.
* Interesting facts about all categories.
* Now zoom your Solubility Chart without distortion
* Share high resolution Solubility Chart image
* Colourful notation of salts solubility
* Solubility data of many salts
* Production, Uses, Appearance, molar mass, melting and boiling point and many other properties of salts including solubility data.
* Bookmark feature - add elements, salts and categories in bookmarks for quick view.
* Easy access to your favourite list of elements and salts.

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