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05. 20. 2016




4.1 and up
spyn is a new sports app that offers a better way to discover and book sports and fitness activities around you.

What all can you do!
1. Search and connect with players with similar skill level to play your favorite sport
2. Discover and hire sports coaches to get trained
3. Find sports clubs, facilities and venues near you
4. Schedule games and invite friends and other players to play with

Bangalore is our Launchpad. We are coming to other cities very soon.

This is just the beginning!
spyn is coming up with more features to ensure you have a rockstar sporting life, like:

1. Build a great network of sports enthusiasts so that no sporting opportunity is missed.
2. Read ratings and reviews of players, coaches and sports clubs
3. iOS app coming up too.
We would love to list them all, but pleasant surprises are even better.
So sign up and Play More!

Sign up!
spyn requires you to log in with minimal details in order to customize the searches to your requirements. We do not share your details with any company or media (including social media networks) without your permission.

* No more facing problems of finding a player who has similar skill level and stays nearby. Now you can find players nearby, see what and where they play and sort them by their skill level. Befriend players who play your sport and more often than not, you will have a good game. Get in touch with different players, from the list of sports, to be amidst a sporty social circle.
* Now it is easy to find sports clubs, from the sports list on the great app, sorted by your GPS location in Bangalore and Mumbai. Get detailed information about timings, contact numbers and facility offered. Discover badminton court, squash court, swimming, cricket ground, football ground, tennis court or tennis ground and many more sports. Don’t compromise on sports due to lack of sports information. Go clubbing on the app and keep your options open!
* Schedule activities by inviting players on the go. Post date, time, venue details. Get real-time notifications of their joining status and keep your gang updated. Invite and get invited to a lot of games. Play more.
* Explore and book sports events and tournaments in Bangalore on the app and join them in a jiffy. Get information about mega events like TCS Marathons, Marathon Mumbai, Marathon Bangalore, Cycling Marathon & Cycling tours, Rock climbing, Trekking. And there’s more – you can view local matches posted by players and request to join them. We love options and we love bringing them to you like the online booking
* Play cricket yourself in the season of the T20 cricket world cup.
* No more playing video games sitting on the couch, get out and realize the fun of playing real sports in real world

spyn is the best way organize your sports activities!

How are people using spyn in their day to day life?
1. Plan day effectively: schedule sports and book sports well in advance and get activity notifications to not miss the share of physical activity in a long tiring day
2. Lose weight: schedule daily sports activities and play to achieve personal weight loss targets
3. New friends: find sports buddies and make new friends
4. Sports updates: Stay updated about everything that is happening around in the local community through activities page, be it swimming in Bangalore or swimming in Mumbai, badminton in Bangalore or badminton clubs in Mumbai, tennis in Bangalore or table tennis in Bangalore.
5. Sports community: Become a part of sports community, shuttlers, cricketers, footballers, swimmers etc. all at one place