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05. 11. 2016




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Stay up to date:
Mi Barrio is an application that helps you stay up to date with everything that happens in your neighborhood. Get notified about news, accidents, robberies, notices, employment offers, complaints, items for sale, and much more. Receive information from a mix of sources including our official reporters, other users, and official institutions like local governments and emergency services. From your profile you can decide which types of information you would like to be notified about.

Publish news:
With Mi Barrio, you can also publish your own news. We encourage users to actively participate in covering the news in their local areas. Post anything that you think is interesting or useful for your community and it will be sent to all the people in the same postal code or area as you (or the place that you post about). Help us build better communities by participating as a Citizen Journalist. You can add photos and videos to your posts and can easily share them with your friends on other social networks.

Customize everything:
Mi Barrio uses GPS services to geolocate the news and information so that you are only notified about the things that happen near you, or in the areas that you are interested. You may add as many postal codes and locations as you would like and you have complete control over the notification settings and filters in your profile. You can choose to be notifed only about the areas you enter, about your whole country, or about everything posted in Mi Barrio worldwide. You can also use the map view for a visual representation of where every piece of news occurs.

Mi Barrio is very easy to use both for posting and for receiving news. Join the citizen journalism revolution today and become an important communicator in your neighborhood. Start connecting with your neighbors and creating a better 'barrio'.

Other features
You can also create groups with you friends and neighbors in order to send and receive news and information about specific areas or topics. Mi Barrio allows you to send private messages to the author of a post in order to get more information about the post. Lastly, we have included an SOS button for citizen journalists who may find themselves in a dangerous situation. After setting who your SOS contact or contacts are, by clicking the SOS button an alert with your GPS location will be sent to those contacts immediately, even when you do not have coverage.

Future versions will soon include offers and discounts from local businesses in your neighborhood. Stay tuned!

What are you waiting for? Start participating in your 'barrio' today!

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