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Vaastu Shastra Compass

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08. 08. 2019




Start the app and place the phone in the center of your home or office. This compass will help you to understand where your toilet should be, where the boss cabin is most suitable, or in which direction the drawing room of your house should be according to vaastu logic.
Click on compass direction to learn the things that should be it that particular direction.

Main Features:

1. Vaastu Shastra Compass for home & office
2. Simple to use and understand
3. Start the app and place the phone in the center or your house or office.
4. Click on direction of compass to learn more about that particular direction.
5. See what should be in that direction.
6. Learn lots about vaastu shastra from this app.
7. Basic all vaastu shastra questions answered.

Solve your problems at home or office by changing minor changes to interior of your house or office. Having trouble in business ? Having sad personal life? try this vaastu shastra compass app to help solve your problems and understand them.

Have a happy life.