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01. 01. 2016




4.4 and up
Remotely Control Cameraof one Android Phone by another Phone! Use it to remotely take Photos and Videos with Friends. No need of one person to be behind the phone clicking Pics or Videos. You can also use it as a Baby monitor in your home office. You can use it as a monitoring camera like a CCTV in a number of other places and that too FREE!

>>>> Features <<<<

+ Remotely Control Camera of any Android device by any other Android device. Supports both Phones and Tablets.
+ Preview Screen on the Remote helps you monitor the activity captured by the live camera. Live stream is shown. Take Pictures and Videos based on this. Also use the view like in CCTV, in home office, ip camera etc.
+ Live effects both on Photos and Videos. The same is applied on the captures Photos & Videos.
+ Multiple Camera modes support – Night mode, Sports, Party, Sunset camera mode and more
+ Discover & connectivity between devices made very easy – supports both Same Wifi and WiFi HotSpot modes. Supports Auto Connect option.
+ No internet connectivity required thus saving you expensive data charges! Works on same WiFi and Wifi HotSpot modes.
+ Zoom in and Zoom out the camera from the remote
+ Switch from Photo /Picture view to Video
+ Enable, Disable of Flash mode
+ Switch from Front camera to Back/rear Camera
+ Supports Enabling/Disabling camera Shutter sound from remote.
+ Enable Burst mode for taking multiple photos / pics, snapshots. You can choose the values according to your need.
+ Timer support for taking a picture after certain time. Timer helps in taking pictures after a predefined interval.
+ Enable/Disable camera view on the phone acting as Camera from Remote Control
+ Supports Refresh of camera preview on Remote Control
+ You can mute Video recording if you are not interested in capturing the Audio
+ You can set the max allowed video recording time. This is helpful as Videos consumes lot of space in your phone.
+ Supports Exposure settings. This enables you to capture better Photos and Videos.
+ Easy access to Photos and Videos taken from the camera. You can also than share it with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more.

Use Remote Control Phone Camera in lots of cases – capture the moments like taking pictures & videos with friends, baby monitoring, monitoring and surveillance in number of places like a CCTV, IP camera, home office etc.

Download & Enjoy controlling camera from your remote! You’ll definitely love it!