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04. 24. 2016




2.3.3 and up
This helper for your phone with Android operating system, has the feature of easy to optimize and increase the overall performance of the device, as smartphones and tablet PCs.
What do you get:
- One-touch, you can turn on or off the flashlight, and your screen will not be locked automatically.
Clear the cache;
- After cleaning the cache files on your device will be much more free space.
Phone Status- this is the battery, SD-card, CPU, RAM, ROM;
- This gives you the data in memory, CPU load, battery charge. All this will give you control over the productive system.
Easy Process Manager(removal processes that you are running);
- Reflects all business processes in real time, with memory performance. Remove all unnecessary processes at the touch of a button.
Battery Saver;
- Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, change the screen brightness, screen time, blocking, synchronization of accounts, auto screen rotation.
Clean entire system
- Cash, log files, temporary files, thumbnail files, empty folders, logs, browser history, clipboard, email, and other services.
Manager uninstall applications;
- Remove all the unwanted applications from your phone, quickly and easily!
Use a battery;
- Allows you to monitor the battery and view which processes are using more battery power. Thus, you can close one or another application that consumes a lot of energy.
User-friendly and intuitive interface;
- You will be able to easily understand the entire interface and the overall ergonomics of the application.
volume controls;
- This media volume during a conversation, the call volume, SMS messages, alarm volume,
Full system information;
- Information about the device, various sensors on the platform.
Time, Date, times;
- Change the time, date, and time zone.
Easy Backupand restore the APK file.
Customize vibration;
- Vibrate when typing chat messages, alarm, call, and other alerts.
All this, and not only, you can do in one program Quick Settings!