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07. 04. 2016




4.0.3 and up
This is the easiest and best app for changing the MTU value for each network adapter (WLAN, P2P, ...) of your device (requires root access).

► This is the PRO-Version. You can use and test all normal features in the FREE-Version for free

The maximum transmission unit (MTU) of an network adapter is the size of the largest data unit that the layer can pass onwards.

Is the MTU value to high or low can this result into interrupting downloads or issues with web applications.
Many connection issues can be attributed to an incorrect MTU value .

Well-known example:
Sometimes it is not possible to use netflix properly, because the internet provider uses ipv6. Setting the MTU-value to "1452" could fix this problem.

Attention: root required for setting the MTU value.

Features of the Free-Version
✔ Adjustment of the MTU value for every network adapter (WLAN, wlan0, P2P, ...)
✔ Backup: lets you save every value changes
✔ Restore: restore your values at once in one easy step
✔ Supports nearly every device (smartphones, tablets, FireTV, ...)
✔ completly WITHOUT ADS
✔ modern and actual android design

Additional features in the Pro-Version:
✔ restore your values after every reboot automatically

The Android-OS resets every MTU changes after a reboot.
If you device isn't working properly after you changed some MTU values: do a reboot!
You can easily restore your saved values after the reboot with one step in the app.
If you desire a automatically restore after the boot-process: please buy the Pro-Version :)