AnkuLua Pro (No Root)

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10. 08. 2016




3.0 and up
Please make sue the trial version working for you before buying the pro version.

Let AnkuLua run application (like playing game) for you.

✓no root required if installing daemon from PC.
✓one script for all devices
✓use simple Lua script language
✓straightforward usage
✓fast image matching
✓auto click/tap
✓start by volume up (Pro version only)
✓stop by volume down (Pro version only)
✓hide stop button (Pro version only)

with AnkuLua, users can do followings, but not limited to
✓click on pictures (with offset)
✓wait for pictures to appear in specified time
✓wait for pictures to vanish in specified time
✓type texts
✓sent key event (like home, back)
✓drag and drop from one picture to another one
✓set similarity to compared pictures
✓search only some regions of the screen
✓ longClick
✓ playMusic (Pro version only)
✓ stopMusic (Pro version only)
✓ vibrate (Pro version only)
✓ isVolumeUp (Pro version only)
✓ isVolumeDown (Pro version only)

Help document:
Visit our youtube channel for demo video