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06. 21. 2016




4.0.3 and up
With more than 1.5 million apps and counting, and so many sources, do you ever feel lost?
Apcery app store giving you the ability to search and find information that is relevant to you by connecting to friends and family.
We know that the best way to discover new apps and games is through family, friends and colleagues.

★ How it works
1. Apcery locates your friends from your contact list and social network.
2. Apcery gets the apps and games from your friends.
3. Once you register for Apcery, we'll show you the apps and games of your friends according to topic, category, updates, and so on.
4. All that's left for you to do is download Apcery and you’ll discover apps and games that your friends are using.

★ Privacy - Apcery's Members privacy is guaranteed!
✓ Apcery is app store. We provide only information about apps and games!
✓ We never reveal the connection between store members and a particular app or recommendation!
✓ Apcery's members remain anonymous throughout their use of the app.

★ Discover apps and games
✓ Stay updated on useful and high-quality apps and games.
✓ Learn which apps are most useful in your friends circle.
✓ Discover which apps and games are most popular among your friends.

★ Live Updates - Catch up on the latest activity in your friend circle:
✓ New apps in your friend circle.
✓ Trending apps.
✓ Recently downloaded by your friends.
✓ Recently deleted by your friends.
✓ Recommended apps.

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