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05. 12. 2016




4.0.3 and up
oscRFRLite is a lightweight version of the full app. Some of the buttons, faders, and encoders have been disabled in this version. You still get full feedback from the console.

This version is a great channel check tool and useful for being able to follow what cue the console is in. You can configure all the of elements that are in the full version and even save layouts.

oscRFRLite is the Lightweight remote interface for Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) EOS Family of Consoles
Designed from the ground up to be the Lite version of the ultimate EOS Focus Remote, oscRFRLite allows the user instant access to some of the keys on the console - It's your EOS in your Hand!

Save multiple layouts of buttons, faders, and console configurations - you can even save multiple Master Layouts allowing you to configure the App in different ways for different venues.

Full feedback from the console insures you know what attributes you are modifying and what cue you are in.