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07. 22. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Speech Master, an AI coach, helps improve your speech and language skills! When you talk to it, it will evaluate your speech skills and transcribe the text.

Whether you are practicing for an oration, presentation, audition, interview, meeting, learning a new language, or looking into improving your day-to-day communication, talk to Speech Master anytime, anywhere!

Features -
- Speech to Text
When you talk to Speech Master, it transcribes to text and saves it for you.
- Speaking Clarity
Speech Master evaluates the clarity on each word.
- Multiple Languages
Speech Master supports 8 languages (US English, UK English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic).
- Filler Words
Speech Master detects your "filler words" (like, you know, I mean, basically, sort of these) on the fly, and alerts you via a beep, vibration if you like.
You can configure your own filler words for each language you use!
- Vocal Variety
Speech Master evaluates your pace, pace variety and volume variety.
- Topics
You can choose to talk in free style, or pick topics for scenarios such as Debate, Teen, and more!
- History
You can see and manage all your past speech transcriptions and analysis reports!
- Reports
You can view the visualization report of your speech performance trend over time!

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