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09. 11. 2016




5.0 and up
inspiredSubstratum Dark Theme byAditya Gupta.
Thanks to
Dejan Baric

You can follow me up over here :-

This theme will work only on Marshmallow stock rom for Nexus devices or AOSP roms which support layers e.g. Krexus, MinOS,Cataclysm... It won't work on roms with CMTE. Apparently it won't
work on ROMs with day/night switch too.
Your device must be rooted and have the new Substratum app.

If you don't know what are Substratum is and how to install a Substratum theme, you should read this:

Don't report bugs if you use some of xposed modules or change default DPI.

If you have bug with invisible statusbar icons, don't report it, it's a ROM issue,just untick the statusbar in the layers manager to get the stock status bar.

Themed Apps :-

*General Overlays
- AOSP Contacts
- AOSP Dialer
- AOSP Keyboard
- Framework
- Google App
- Google Contacts
- Google Dialer
- Google Keyboard
- Google Hangouts
- Launcher 3
- Settings
- StatusBar
- SystemUI
- WhatsApp

*Specfic Styles
- White Settings

*Toggle Overlays
- NavBars
- Dejan's NavBar

-SystemUI QSTiles
- Black Tinted
- White Tinted