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Aditya Ahluwalia




01. 10. 2016




4.0 and up
SPARC is an initiative towards making our world a sustainable place to live in. SPARC aims to integrate and bridge the gap between the affluent and the disadvantaged sections of society. Every average household unit always gets new stuff to replace the old stuff. These include furniture, clothes, stationery, blankets, e-waste, shoes, etc just to name a few. SPARC aims at charity and recycling in a smart and effective way. All the unwanted and discarded basic household material can be used by the poor and economically weaker sections of society. SPARC looks at the recycling of old stuff leading to charity by handing them over to those segments of society through NGO tie ups that can derive paramount utility from them. More than anything, SPARC aims at driving home the point of global sustainability, by encouraging and motivating people to take forward recycling and charity for the poor. After all, the thought needs to be there before the good action. As educated and responsible members of a civil society, Lets work together towards recycling and charity which will lead to a better living and future for the entire society.