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11. 25. 2016




4.0 and up
Galaxies - huge stars of the meeting, planets, gas and dust. At least a few of them there are millions of stars, and the largest - millions upon millions.
Galaxies are amazing in that they have no sharp edges, so strictly define their size is not possible. And their total output power, or, in other words, the luminosity changes even in larger extent than the size from a few million solar luminosity, up to several hundreds of billions of luminosities.
Also stars in the galaxy, as part of the interstellar medium (gas and dust) which is penetrated by cosmic rays (high-energy particles). The content of the gas in the galaxy - this is a very important characteristic, which largely depends on the activity of processes occurring in it and, above all, - the formation of stars.
Galaxy often consist of a disc and spheroid. Disk (bulge) - is, roughly speaking, the center - most striking - there are concentrated most of the stars. A spheroid or stellar halo - the outer spherical component is less bright. Galaxy may contain, like everyone else, and one of the components (disk or spheroid) that is generated by the variety of shapes of galaxies observed.

- 3D camera (accelerometer control);
- FULL HD texture (you need a powerful Android device);
- Rotating galaxy;
- Lots of animated stars;
- Options brightness and contrast;
- 7 backgrounds available;
- Open all the options;
- No advertising;