I Wanna Fly

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Woodland Games




08. 03. 2016




2.3 and up
They said that the life of a dreamer is hard, but you gotta go for it. Especially for those dreams that seem impossible to achieve. There's no time to waste then!

Become a dreamer whose dream came true and start flying... well, kind of.
Play as one of many characters that can only dream of flying and let them enjoy the moment!

– Start flyin- er... falling, today!
– Unlock tens of characters by collecting coins, achieving ranks or falling as far as possible
– Endless world - start in the outer space, fall through the city and the underground, and reach the planet's core!
– Beat your friends' scores! Or you know, beat your own.
– It goes without saying that all of this is free, right?


– infinite world with uniquely designed, seamlessly transitioning stages
– over 20 different unlockable characters
– 10 ranks to achieve
– pixel art graphics