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07. 28. 2016




4.0.3 and up
PokeVision Trackers allows you to locate pokemons for every Pokestop, Gym, and Pokemon in the world! This app uses data direct from the game NOT crowdsourcing.

PokeVision Trackers maps for pokemon go, tracker/locator for the mobile game.
- see exactly when each Pokemon "spawned" so you don't waste time visiting old locations. (Pokemon only last about 15 min on average)

- Save time & gas money by getting access to the actual locations for Pokemon, Pokestops & Gyms!

- Over 1 million VERIFIED locations around the globe with real world pictures of the area, so you know you're in the right spot.

- Clean UI & lightning fast app launch time.

- Search filters for Pokemon, Pokestops, Gyms & Time of sighting, so you can find exactly what you need.

- Regular or satellite maps make it easy to navigate to any location. Includes 3D view for buildings when zoomed in.

- Safety is a huge concern when playing pokemon go. This app allows users to flag pokestops and gyms in unsafe or dangerous neighborhoods.

The app will automatically load Pokemon around you when the bar at the top fills up! If it doesn't load any Pokemon you will need to scan by clicking on the scan button (this is important for people that live in more rural areas). Click on a pokemon to see the time at which it will despawn. Happy hunting! Follow us on twitter for status updates, at times if you get errors or no pokemon it may be due to server issues
Please don't rate us negatively if this happens as we will bring it up shortly after it goes down.