Napoleon War Cards

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01. 01. 2017




2.3 and up
Brand New Game! - Napoleon Bonaparte War Cards, Trading Cards Battle Game
Free of micropayment. Just buy once and have fun with Napoleon and his opponents.

Napoleonic Wars 1800-1815, battles on land and sea.
Napoleon Bonaparte would be proud of this game!

Opponents and battles:

Michael von Melas - The Battle of Marengo
Mack von Leiberich - The Battle of Ulm
Tzar Aleksander I - The Battle of Austerlitz
Charles William Ferdinand - The Battle of Jena / Aspern / Wagram
Levin August Bennigsen - The Battle of Eylau / Friedland
Michail Kutuzov - The Battle of Borodino
Duke of Wellington - The Battle of Waterloo
and more ...

Destroy enemy Boss card, dont let your Napoleon card be destroyed.

Special, rare and unique cards available in Napoleon Shop - free of micropayment.

ATTACK: 1x Click (Tap) your Card => Click Enemy.
GUARD: 2x Click your Napoleon card to place guard cards.
BOSS: All Napoleon card actions (attack, heal, guard) cost 2 points.
SHORTCUT: Double click (2xTap) your card to attack enemy Boss.

More detailed instruction in game...

Works perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S3.
Game mechanic is similar to Hearthstone, but not a copy!
Players say that it is one of the best casual battle cards game with historical background.

Game has Seasickness* mode. Try one of sea battle and feel it is real.

*Seasickness is a form of motion sickness characterized by a feeling of nausea and, in extreme cases, vertigo, experienced after spending time on a craft on water.

Even better gameplay now.
New Auto End Turn Function

Napoleon Bonaparte has new action moves!

If you want to test gameplay, try => War of Cards: Tank Strategy & Tactics

It is similar game but with no campaign mode and simplest AI levels.
Have fun with tanks battles on different tables and opponents.