Infinite Particles 3D Live Wallpaper

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Arthur Arzumanyan




01. 04. 2018




4.1 and up

- Fully 3D Live wallpaper with Rendered 4 Types of Shape Infinite Space Looped Particles
And 4 Types of Animated Touch Flowing Particles
- Incredible 3D parallax effect. Uses Gyroscope / Accelerometer.
- Very smooth and battery efficient
- When not visible application is completely stopped, it doesn't run anything in background

Particles Includes:

- 1 Type of Infinite Space Looped Particle With Different Colors
- 1 Type of Infinite Space Looped With small Particles With Different Colors
- 1 Types of Wire Infinite Space Looped With Particles With Different Colors
- 1 Types of Digital Matrix Particle with Different Colors

- 4 Types of Touch Follow Effect
- Flowing particles
- Particle Plexus
- Flowing Bubbles
- Red Flowing particles
-Swipe your finger to create an extravagant trail of flowing particle Effects.

- Double Tap - Double Tap Anywhere on Home Screen To Open Settings Menu.
- Supports both phones and tablets, portrait/landscape.


- Very Colorful, Infinity matrix background Effects With Touch Follow Particle Plexus
- Everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, with fully interactive Effects that supports multi-
touch. Both tablets and phones are fully supported in both portrait and landscape modes!

Futuristic 3D Graphics Powered By Unity Engine.

More Options Will Be Added In Upcoming Version.

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3D Android Live Wallpaper made with Unity 3D