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07. 03. 2017




4.0.3 and up
Do you want to amuse friends and make them laugh? Do you want to laugh with them? It means that this application is for you!
Hundreds of stunning photos in real time with great amount of different creatures, specal effects and vivid atmosphere. You can also redact existing photos from your photo gallery.
Available themes and creatures: fun effects, screen effects, life style, dinosaurs, dragons, flowers, the middle ages, animals from different continents, birds, reptiles and so on.

Choose models and effects easily - just swipe left or right. Also you can select them from special menu.

Let your imagination fly, use different awesome filters in order to create absolutely new kind of photos, which will be one of the most unusual ones in your life!

Note, that all that you can see on the screen is the result of application work. Objects and/or creatures do not appear in real world.