Shooty Sky Hero- Arcade Flight

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06. 17. 2016




4.0 and up
Shooty sky Heroes: Smashy Invaders.
Crossy sky, crossy all enemies in the skies
Take the chance and ride the skies like a Superhero sky protect the universe.

Shooty, dodge, speed,weave and defeat all craziness enemies in the sky, defeat all invaders!
Be the first to hit the skies!

Every day you will have a new gift.
Every week you'll get a mysterious new character.
Remember, only to return each day will give you impressive and great heroes.
Do not forget to come back every day for your gift.

Challenge The new Arcade Endless skies comes to Google store for fun to everybody!

Be the first to start playing and get to release all your friends.There are also Final Bosses!

Begin the challenge and get rid of all final bosses, you will really enjoy!

Plan as an expert flier, fight like a superhero and shoot as if there was no tomorrow! Be a perfect hero.

- Fly through the skies with your favorite heroes.
- Famous drivers.
- Fun Enemies. 
- Endless Arcade Flight
- Epic Bosses, Smashy they!
- Great treasures, and fun surprises.
- Prove that you're an expert in aviation!
- Alot of Heros from Star on epic Wars.
- Select your favourite Hero and defeat all of the enemies octopus, creeper and more!
- On next update Christmas Boss end.

We are constantly updating Shooty Heroes with new improvements, effects, and celebrities!

 Smashy all your friends!
 Show to your friends that you are the winner! Climb up the podium of the leaderboard on google!

Compete online with your friends to get the highest score, and show them that you're the greatest hero!
Check your score and improve your own brands.

▪Funny Characters: There are tons of funny characters to unlock! Each special ship has their own unique skin. Unlock new characters with new abilities to find your preferred one. Unlock all characters to complete the game!

▪ Avengers have different skills and powers. Choose the hero that you like, or participate in adventures to unlock new characters.
Being an Avengers hero is not easy, you will have to give your best!
26 unlockable characters.
random generated enemies.
great visuals and sound.
+20 different invaders.

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- Reading the device status and identity -
READ_PHONE_STATE permission Development Kits required by third-party advertising
- The game LOCATION need permission to offer video ads:
The game implements optional video ads that can be seen to win free coins if you will.
The viewing of the ads is voluntary for those players who want to earn more coins and
play the machine to release more characters ...
We need this permission to offer video ads based on location.
- The game needs BILLING permission
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- The game needs RECEIVE C2D_MESSAGE permission
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--The Game needs VIBRATE WAKE_LOOK permission
The game needs these permissions to enhance the game experience.

If you have any problems or suggestions contact us at: [email protected]