Hero the Game

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Azegan Industries




04. 21. 2016




4.0 and up
In Hero, the goal of the game is to make every piece on the board yellow. This is achieved through strategical process that take place in your brain mass. See, the connections of meat behind your eyeballs will learn through muscle memory that there are a variety of pieces, each with their own unique characteristics. Learn how to be a hero and achieve christ consciousness through this wonderfully weaved video game of nostalgia, frustration, and tears. With an abstract storyline and over 30+ collectables, any human would be compelled for the rest of their days. Even attempting to get one last match in after they've been buried. Have as much fun playing it as we had making it. This was an amazing experience.

Why Should Buy?
-Destroy shapes across the universe
-Unlock memes as narrators
-Listen to a dopamine activating soundtrack
-Empower yourself by defeating the enemy
-Uncover the secrets of the story
-This game is the bomb digity
-Support capitalism