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Aarmix Instant Audio Recorder

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Aaron Wacker




07. 29. 2016




2.3 and up
Aarmix instant audio recorder is a sound recorder designed to be available and recording fast and with minimal effort.

On launch Aarmix will create and begin saving an automatically named audio file so you can start a recording session with minimal effort and time. Great sound quality, easy to use, and ready on a moments notice this application allows security recording, providing you with an instant audio file.

Useful for protecting against bullying, profiling and useful for instantly saving ideas or audio sessions on what you need to track. Long recordings are supported and playback of last recorded session helps you make sure after that you have captured what you need. Every recording is marked with the time stamp to make it easy to later identify the recording.

Aarmix is a cheap and effective way to ensure quality. For call centers using android devices, this application allows you to save and gather QA and performance reporting information via voice recordings. Evaluate behaviors and provide timely feedback and support, boost service quality and cultivate customer experience and loyalty by reviewing recorded audio. High-value recordings for evaluation allow you to review and focus on the types of interactions that drive your revenue and customer satisfaction goals for call center driven business.

Useful as a security application, protect yourself with an audio recording in situations where you need an irrefutable copy off what was said and what happened providing a perfect recording to back you up for your own private review.

Record alerts, and save sound files automatically to later share or send to other devices.

You can record phone calls and speaker phone discussions, keeping a detailed review audio file ready for your own reference. To record phone calls conveniently, bring Aarmix to the foreground, and simply press record. When ready press stop, mute, and press playback confirming you have a backup copy of what was discussed. Taped trades and oral agreements are easy and quick with Aarmix, and you can later share the audio files with your trading partners.

Hear me now and believe me later. Aarmix has your back. Aarmix will save your audio and voice recordings and have a backup for you when you need it the most.