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07. 27. 2016




2.3 and up
Coloring Pages PRO have 20+ images for coloring, but you can load any external images from your phone. For example, you can scan and save an image to your device or download an image from internet and open with Coloring Pages PRO.

Coloring Pages PRO have two color palettes: top is based colors and bottom is gradient colors. Touch on a base color to create gradient colors. You can select any colors from palettes.

Just touch on any area of the image to fill by selected color. The area can be repainted. Use long touch to open menu to load external image, to save the image to the gallery or set it as the wallpaper.

Coloring Pages PRO Features :
✦ 100% FREE from Ads
✦ No limit number of coloring images
✦ Load external images for coloring: user can scan an image or download it from internet and open with Coloring Book
✦ Save colored image to SD card
✦ Set colored image as wallpaper: horizontally or vertically
✦ Available in 67 languages

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