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Francesco Lentini




05. 29. 2015




1.6 and up
Artificial intelligence. Forget what you have seen on television or the movies. There will be no special effect, but will be presented a very special application.

The problem. Today artificial intelligence is in the hands of tech giants. These companies don't have budget limitations, so they have gurus, supercomputers, data centers. But what results they got?
The solution. Codice Eloisa brings artificial intelligence into websites, mobile devices and objects, with the result of getting this technology into the hands of individuals.

At this point you may choose. First choice: tap the screen of your device and say something (talk). Second choice: activate the keypad, type a sentence or query, press Enter. It’s a dialogue (gurus would say: natural language conversation), which may be held in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, without any limitation due to time or topic (friendship, love, dreams, money, sports, politics, philosophy, religion, science, technology, work, etc).

Recognizes the voice (software library by Google), but it is not a voice assistant. Speaks many languages, but it is not a language course. It's funny, but it’s not a game. So what’s the secret of an experience so exciting? The secret is called artificial intelligence. You will like this technology (or you will not) for the mere fact of being what it is: artificial intelligence that works.