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06. 15. 2017




4.1 and up
fxCam 2 Pro is the fully unlocked version of our powerful recording app for Android phones and tablets, that brings magic into your special moments with lots of dynamic filters. This professional version doesn't contain advertising, and the watermark is hidden in recordings and photos. All the features are included without restrictions.

Shoot videos like a Pro and take beautiful images. All files are saved to your device's gallery with best compression and quality so you can share them everywhere. No need of additional post-processing with expensive graphic-editing software, because all the effects are applied in realtime. What you see is what you get and you will be surprised with the results. If you are looking for a video recorder to present events in an interesting way, entertain your kids and the baby, or just for fun stop searching, now that you can have the FX CAM for free.

fxCam 2 is better than ever and includes hundreds of new amazing video effects! Heat Vision, Thermal Vision, Night Vision, Night Vision Goggles, Wizard, Slime, Beast, Alien, Broken, Blood, Hurt, Rainbow, Aura, Aura Distortion, Crystal, Scan, Hypnotic, Electronic, Force Field, Blizzard, 8-bit snow, Matrix, Matrix Distortion, Screen, Monitor, TV, Plasma, LED, RGB, Green Monitor, Night Vision Monitor, Night Vision Scanner, VCR, VHS, Blinking, Loading, Videoflip, Tracking, Rewind, Compression, Artifact, Tape, Damaged Tape, Glitch, Mosaic Glitch, TV Noise, Old TV, Old Recording, Old Movie, Film, Dark Film, Film Grain, Pixels, GameBoy, Dots, Hexagons, Relief, Honeycomb, Text, Tiles, Mosaic, Grid, Dots, Zebra, Spot, Wide Screen Circle, Wide Screen Box, Wide Screen Horizontal, Wide Screen Vertical, Drunk, Dizzy, Shake, Pool, Water, Bubble, Washing, Waves, Flag, Waving, Shock Waves, Circular Waves, Warp, Radio, Flush, Tunnel, Lens, Bowl, Radiate, Dissipation, Dream, Heat, Distorted, Fish Eye, Hole, Focus, Big Face, Mirror, Broken, Multiple, Soft, Blur, Blur Hole, Blurry, Dithering, Disintegrate, Steam, Noise, Sharpen, Drawing, Drawing Matrix, Drawing Points, Shading, Comic Strip, Comic Strip B&W, Comic, SinCity, SinCity Day, Lines, Diagonals, Stripes, Hatches, Outline, Outline Black, Outline White, Wool Black, Rays Black, Rays White, Toon, Print, Paint, Oil Paint, Black Line, Edge, Funk, Circus, Rainbow, Dark Rainbow, Plasma, Hot, Therma, Mars, Desert, Electric, Tech, Chrome, Gold, Silver, Hue, Gradients, Dual, Posterize, Mono Posterize, Invert, Hue Rotation, Dye, Switching, Neon, Chromatical, Colorful, Bloom, Brightness, Darkness, Contrast, Saturation, Colored, Burned, Dodge, Light, Pin Light, Luminosity, Subtract, Saturated, Sepia, Gray, Threshold, and more…

====== Feature Highlights ======

★ Choose any camera and microphone of your Android device.
★ Identifies and uses the aspect ratios of your cameras.
★ The intuitive user interface makes videos and images quicker and easier.
★ Modify scene rotation and orientation.
★ You can take a selfie (also known as back facing camera).
★ Record videos with hundreds of post processing effects.
★ Quickly browse the huge FX library organized by category and aspect.
★ Silent "spy" camera to shoot wherever you want without disturbing others.
★ Save live events in an interesting way and keep your audience attention.

====== Support ======

★ Requires device with camera.
★ Some effects might not work correctly in certain devices depending on graphic capabilities.
★ Enabling microphone can produce echo and feedback loop, turn the volume down or plug headphones in to avoid this issue.
★ Files are saved at /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/co.wcu.fxcam2/files/fxCam

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♥ Tell us which new effects you want!