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NexTech Solutions Inc




04. 29. 2016




4.4 and up
The upgrade your address book has been begging for. Welcome to LifeProx!

LifeProx allows you to create contacts based on GPS coordinates instead of addresses.

When you “Create a Tag” you can add unlimited contact information, unlimited pictures and unlimited notes about any location, anywhere in the world.

“This place is so wonderful, I want to come here again” - Prox It
“It’s around here somewhere…” - Prox It
“I want to share this place with my friends” - Prox It

Travel to foreign locations that don't have an actual street address? - Prox It

In the middle of nowhere but would love to return? - Prox It.

And why isn't it free? Because unlike some other apps, we will never sell your info.

Create unlimited Tags, anywhere in the world with LifeProx.

Existing addresses in your address book are geocoded and shown in LifeProx but remain private.