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PEI Beaches Video Guide

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Virtual Studios Creative Digital Media




06. 29. 2016




4.0 and up
Our aerial video guide to the supervised beaches of Prince Edward Island: see the beach before you visit, and find the one that's best for you.

View stunning aerial flyovers of each beach, accompanied by links to driving directions, information about facilities (change rooms, showers, canteens) and a description of local attractions.

Are you looking for red sand or white?

A gentle landscape or cliffs?

Do you need showers and a canteen, or can you rough it a little?

All of the public supervised beaches on the Island are included:


* Basin Head
* Cabot Park
* Jacques Cartier
* Cedar Dunes
* Chelton
* Northumberland
* Panmure Island
* Red Point

Federal (inside PEI National Park):

* Brackley Beach
* Cavendish
* Greenwich
* North Rustico
* Ross Lane
* Stanhope