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Basile Van Hoorick




08. 05. 2016




2.3 and up
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Grapher Pro is an effective equation plotter, capable of drawing any function (including complex-valued ones), solving equations and calculating expressions. Especially if you're a student, teacher or engineer, this app is made with you in mind! A wide range of predefined functions is available, including trigonometric & hyperbolic functions, differentiation and more. Anything you type will be processed and displayed instantly by a powerful math engine, in both 2D and 3D modes. Furthermore, functions can reference each other and will respond to any variable update.

Grapher is continuously under development, with more features yet to come. Any feedback and bug-reports are greatly appreciated!

Pro version features
• Full complex calculations for 2D functions (i.e. plot a real + imaginary part) and standard expressions
• Variable sliders: adjust parameters to see their effect in real-time
• Choice between light and dark theme
• No ads

Curve types
• Function (cartesian)
• Polar
• Parametric
• Implicit
• 3D Function
• 3D Parametric curve
• 3D Parametric surface

More features
• Equation solver (numerical)
• Find roots, extrema and intersections with other functions
• Complex number support
• Real-time variable sliders
• Functions can reference each other
• Custom math keyboard
• Auto-detect input type
• User variable support for numbers and functions
• Editable parameter range (for polar & parametric curves)
• Input history
• Plot up to 24 graphs at once
• Light and dark theme
• Differentiation (numerical)
• Trace graph
• Capture screenshots

Note: Mathematical functions should be typed by their names, for example sqrt(x) means √x. Hold a key to see all function names starting with that letter. If something is unclear, be sure to check out the 'Help' page as all details are summarized there.
Note: Complex equation solving will be supported in the next update.