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02. 22. 2016




2.3.3 and up
Clinical examination has been developed for the medical students and doctors which will help them in their clinics and exams.

Clinical Examination is a source for a quick overview of the patient physical exam. This app is full of information about clinical examination.

Different systems examination has been mentioned in full detail and a lot of pictures has been given so to understand it easily.

The application explained different systems as following:

1- General Physical Examination

2- Gastrointestinal System Examination

3- Cardiovascular System Examination

4- Respiratory System Examination

5- Nervous System Examination

6- Thyroid Examination

7- Breast Examination

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• Each System has been explained fully.
• Contain self explanatory pictures and diagrams.
• Friendly and easy to use.
• Easy to study.
• Every clinical maneuver has been given with diagrams.
• Important from examination point of view.