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08. 09. 2016




4.0.3 and up
Improve your math skills with practice by turning other apps on your phone into learning opportunities.

For Parents - Smartloq has the option to set a security PIN to access the main app allowing you to manage and lock the settings. This ensures your child is practicing math throughout the day and developing important life skills for their future.

How Smartloq works:
• Apply Smartloq Math to your Games, Social Media, or any apps you choose
• Select which operations to focus on (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division)
• Select a range of X and Y values from 0 to 100
• Set the number of attempts (Smartloq will show you the answer and let you pass after you reach the maximum)
• Check your statistics and review your history in the log

Smartloq functions like a security lock, but instead of requiring a PIN, Smartloq presents a single question when you launch any paired apps. This keeps you practicing and learning throughout the day as you use your smartphone or tablet.

When answering a question, either you are correct and the original app will launch, or you are asked to try again. After reaching the maximum number of attempts Smartloq will show you the correct answer and let you through. Smartloq does not block you from getting to your favorite apps.

Smartloq also has statistics and a full history log. This provides valuable feedback for discovering any problem areas that need attention, or if it’s time to increase/decrease the level of difficulty.Smartloq Math is the first in a new series of smartphone apps designed to keep you practicing, building confidence, and developing permanent knowledge throughout the day.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of Smartloq Math, and watch for new Smartloq subjects coming soon.