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04. 11. 2016




4.1 and up
This puzzle comes from the creators of the Magic Square, Magic Triangle, Pair Pattern and Multiplication Kakuro – puzzles that hone your child’s logical as well as calculation skills. It features various difficulty levels appropriate for kids between 5-15 years of age. However, this is a puzzle even adults might enjoy solving in their spare time!

The rules are simple for a child to understand. You have to put +, - , x, or ÷ signs in the blank boxes so that the number sentences work. You need a bit of logic and a bit of calculation to solve each puzzle.

These puzzles are made by the creators of the award-winning Levelfield School. They are extensively used in primary grade math classes there. Not only they have proved enormously effective in improving the logical and calculation skills of children, they’re fun as well. Give your child this gift to wean her away from TV and to see her analytical and math abilities soar!

There are unlimited number of puzzles. You can monitor your child’s accuracy and average time taken to solve sums in each difficulty level. The badge system (silver, gold, platinum) provides a quick preview of your child’s progress.

This app is nominally priced. We believe an ad-free experience is imperative for your child to focus without any distraction.